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Support Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer at Canberra rally 2009

Dear Friends supporters and those who have already helped so much.

Please everyone we need volunteers to help…put it on your web and call from the mountain tops.

I need someone to coordinate the people volunteering – take the calls the e-mails and suggest where to place them especially the court attendance rostering. We have to show the court that land owners are interested in the outcome or it will detrimental.

Also, be selective do not encourage trouble makes or we lose the respect of the court and for the many years we have fought this case we have always been conscious of the need for the court to respect our claim.

That does not mean we agree with the current contemporary court structure and we being the people do not necessarily agree with what has happened to our courts. But my friends that defence if it exists for you for our Nation and I believe it does, its struggle is for a future embrace not now. As we have quite enough to do.

Following the meetings at the court yesterday I am in a physically impossible situation to finish all in time for the filing of numerous subpoenas on Monday for further discovery and all the witness requirements which the Government will oppose in court next Wednesday.

The 2 girls here, Hazel and Angela have been run off their feet night and day for years but even with that full on effort more helpers are needed so hands up if you can help. Especially with communications and getting the word out for donations, predominately to pay witness expenses without which we have no witnesses and court attendance.

Maybe someone could try and set up a roster so landowners and farmers who cannot come every day of the hearing can come on a roster so the court response is constant…..Like a master of ceremonies (MOC) to organise parties as we cannot fit all in on day 1.

Then persons can let the MOC know what days they are available to come and they would like to come and the MOC can let them know the days needing support. All wanting to come only the first week will not lead to a good outcome for a constant representation of interest.

We also need help to manage media, witness communication etc.

If anyone out there is available to help then let us know.

Does anyone know where Liz is now from Batemans bay her family have been there for years but her e-mail is bouncing….try the Tower of Hope Batemans Bay she set it up…Liz where are you.

Pay Pal should be on by Tuesday and any donations would be appreciated as we have the witnesses to bring in.

Thanks to Kara Morgan Hazels Daughter and my daughter Sarah, for setting up the face book “Support Peter Spencer And Aussie Farmers” that page with a new moderator and Pay Pal, will be a big help…..Also a new web page will carry all the research documents as a library so others who need to research on property rights can access the material.

Can someone out there help running our face book and Twitter, etc anything to get the word out. ARE THERE any suggestions.

People, people, listen to me, all of you who love this nation this wide land help this struggle as all is not well, all is not what you think………we need the people of this nation to open their eyes, the Nation is being stolen. This Native Vegetation proceeding is not a struggle over an environmental issue it is more than that and relates to our very sovereignty.

This issue is a problem from Canberra right down to your local government and the local government is not under the control of the  local people ! Look up ESD then add local Government. Then, think just what is sovereignty and ask yourself about its relevance to your freedom.

Go well

Peter Spencer

Email me: perterspencerteam@gmail.com